One of the best metal detectors on the market. It is a must for any hobbyist who wants to level up his or her own relic hunting, coin shooting and Gold Prospecting game.

This is my go to metal detector. I run it mainly in relic mode with the 4×6 coil. It is easy to use and very well balanced. The recovery speed is awesome. I love this machine  

Thankfully there are companies like White’s Electronics who recognize the needs of enthusiasts.


The company is considered one of the oldest makers of metal detectors on the globe today, with features that have benefited both beginners and experienced hobbyists.

In this article, we are going to discuss the company’s MXT ALL PRO


The MXT All Pro is a slightly more modern take on the legendary performance and simplicity of the MXT line. The all-new keypad, high-efficiency backlight, Tone ID, and Ground Grab settings lock are just some of the responses to customer feedback on one of the most popular metal detectors of all time. The 10″ DD comes standard, and is well-suited to all-around hunting and highly mineralized ground.

Three separate programs give you versatility with different target responses, display info, and audio frequencies for relics, prospecting, and coins/jewelry.

Relic: Specifically identifies buttons, buckles, and bullets with three options for tone ID.

Relic = 2 Tone- Rejected targets (those below the current Discrimination setting) produce a lower pitch tone;

accepted targets (those above current Discrimination setting) produce a high pitch tone.

Press “music notes” Tone ID to select among two other tone options for the Relic mode;

Iron ID (all iron low tone, all non-iron high tone) Discrimination

Control disabled, or, 1 Tone (above current Discrimination

setting high pitch tone, below discrimination setting

audio suppressed, iron if accepted = low pitch tone)

Prospecting: Iron Grunt for targets for high probability of being iron.

Prospecting = Iron Grunt ON- Targets with 80% and greater probability of being iron produce a unique

grunt tone.

Press “music notes” to turn ON/OFF. When OFF;

all targets produce the same basic VCO audio varying only upon their size or signal strength.

Coin/Jewelry: Coin/jewelry/trash target ID with seven tones telling you the type of target before you dig.

Coin & Jewelry = Tone ID- Up to seven tones depending upon Discrimination control setting, with

iron (if accepted) the lowest pitch and +95 the highest pitch

tone. Press “music notes” to turn ON/OFF Tone ID. When

OFF all accepted targets indicate with the same basic pitch

or tone.

The Coin & Jewelry MODE provides 5 different significant indications on the


Long-time users of the MXT appreciate the simplicity of its controls-

Gain maximizes sensitivity and depth. Threshold allows you to hunt with a slight hum or hear only the sound of detected targets. Dual control functions differently in each program.

With its simple, rugged design and ease of use it’s no wonder the MXT has so many fans.

VDI Number –

The VDI (Visual Discrimination Indication) is a reference number dictated by the metals targets

exact alloy, size, and shape. Different metal targets, however, may share the same VDI numbers

based on their electrical characteristics. VDI numbers from

-95 to +94 are available and cover the entire range of alloys and sizes.

Proper care


A. Both the coil and rod are waterproof and can be cleaned with fresh water and mild soap.

The control box is not waterproof and must be kept dry. Never lift a wet coil above the height of the control box as water can run down the inside of the rod damaging the electronics.

A damp cotton cloth can be used to wipe off a dirty control box.


A. Do not expose your detector to the conditions of a car trunk during winter and/or summer extremes.

B. Protect it from direct sunlight during storage.

C. The control box is rain resistant. However, it must be protected from heavy rain.


A. When the instrument is not in use, make sure it is turned OFF.

B. If you plan on storing your detector for long, remove the battery holder from the instrument and

remove the batteries from the holder.

C. Store the instrument indoors in an area where it will be protected from abuse. Over the years

White’s has noted a higher percentage of service issues and physical damage regarding units in storage than

those experiencing regular use.

Store the instrument indoors in an area where it will be protected from abuse.

Over the years White’s has noted a higher percentage of service issues and physical damage regarding units in storage than those experiencing regular use.

Additional Precautions-

A. Avoid dropping your detector while attempting to set it down to dig.

B. Avoid using your detector for leverage when standing up from a dig.

C. Do not use any lubricants, such as WD-40, on any part of your detector.

D. Do not modify your instrument during its warranty period..

What’s in the Box


If within two years (24 months) from the original date of purchase, your White’s detector fails due to defects in either

material or workmanship, White’s will repair or replace at its option, all necessary parts without charge for parts or labor.  Simply return the complete detector to the Dealer where you purchased it, or to your nearest Authorized Service Center.

The unit must be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the symptoms of the failure. You must provide proof of the date of purchase before the unit is serviced. This is a transferable manufacturer warranty, which covers the instrument two years from the original purchase date, regardless of the owner. Items excluded from the warranty are non-rechargeable batteries, accessories that are not standard equipment, shipping/handling costs outside the continental  USA, Special Delivery costs (Air Freight, Next Day, 2nd Day, Packaging Services, etc.) and all shipping/handling costs inside the continental USA 90 days after purchase.

White’s registers your purchase only if the Sales Registration Card is filled out and returned to the factory address soon after original purchase for the purpose of recording this information, and keeping you up-to-date regarding White’s ongoing research & development. The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alterations, modifications, unauthorized service, or prolonged exposure to corrosive compounds, including salt. Duration of any implied warranty (e.g., merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) shall not be longer than the stated warranty. Neither the manufacturer or the retailer shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

Some states, however, do not allow the limitation on the length of implied warranties, or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the above limitations may not apply to you. In addition, the stated warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that vary from state-to-state.

The foregoing is the only warranty provided by White’s as the manufacturer of your metal detector. Any “extended warranty” period beyond two years, which may be provided by a Dealer or other third party on your detector, maybe without White’s authority, involvement and consent, and might not be honored by White’s.

If for any reason you should sell your MXT Pro prior to the date the warranty expires, the remaining warranty is transferable. This transfer is authorized by calling 1-800- 547-6911, and getting an Authorization Number.

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