A functional metal detector is a must for any prospector who wants to level up his or her own Gold, relic hunting and even coin shooting game.

Thankfully there are companies like White’s Electronics who recognize the needs of serious prospectors.

Website: https://www.whiteselectronics.com/

The company is considered one of the oldest makers of metal detectors on the globe today, with features that have benefited both beginners and experienced prospectors.

In this article, we are going to discuss the company’s Whites Goldmaster 24k Export Metal Detector with 2 Search Coils, Backpack & More


Featuring a 50% increase in coil voltage over previous models along with an all-new XGB ground balance system, take your prospecting to new depths with the Goldmaster® 24k. This machine represents a new generation of VLF detection technology, with features that both sourdough and greenhorn prospectors can appreciate.

Starting with the industry-standard 48kHz operating frequency, we’ve packed all the necessities into one package to put you on the gold. A large, backlit display shows you all the machine’s settings as well as valuable target information. The Target Graph at the top of the display shows Ferrous, Gold, and High Conductor ranges, which is mirrored with Target ID numbers ranging from 0-99.

An all-new XGB ground balance system can handle mineralized ground unlike other VLF prospecting machines. For advanced users, TracLock and Ground Grab are just a tap of button away. You can even assign a ground balance offset in both TracLock or XGB modes. To help prospectors that prefer drywashing, sluicing, or panning, the Goldmaster® 24k features a Ground Scan mode that can show you where valuable paystreaks are in streambeds and washes.

With 10 levels of adjustable sensitivity, adjustable audio volume with two levels of Boost, adjustable discrimination, vSAT, adjustable threshold, non-motion pinpoint, and a Tone ID mode, the Goldmaster® 24k might just be the most advanced VLF gold nugget detector on the market. But don’t let that scare you if this is your first prospecting machine – this is a turn-on-and-go machine, with advanced features you can grow into without sacrificing performance.

Offered in two models – Standard (GM24k detector, 6×10 DD coil, StarLite headphones, nugget scoop) and Export (GM24k detector, 6×10 DD coil, 6″ round concentric coil, StarLite headphones, nugget scoop, backpack).


XGB TECHNOLOGY is a patent-pending automatic ground balance system. It is purpose-built for operating a high-frequency VLF gold nugget detector in difficult ground conditions.

Traditional VLF detectors struggle to balance rapidly changing ground mineralization and hot rocks.

With XGB technology, the Goldmaster 24k is able to track small changes in soil composition as well as longer-term shifts in both ground phase and strength. This allows it to operate in the ground that traditional VLFs struggle in.

Users have extended control over the range of XGB in the Goldmaster’s All-Metal mode. Simply enable Iron Cancel to expand the ground filter in moderate soils. In very challenging soil conditions, hold the Iron Cancel button and select a higher setting for maximum performance in the variable ground.

If within two years (24 months) from the original date of purchase, your White’s detector fails due to defects in either materials or workmanship, White’s will repair or replace, at its option, all necessary parts without charge for parts or labor.

Simply return the complete detector to the Dealer where you purchased it or to your nearest Authorized Service Center. The unit must be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the symptoms of the failure. You must provide proof of the date of purchase before the unit is serviced under warranty.

This is a transferable manufacturer warranty that covers the metal detector for two years from the original date of purchase, regardless of the current owner.

Items excluded from the warranty are non-rechargeable batteries, accessories that are not standard equipment, shipping and handling costs outside the continental USA, special delivery costs (Air Freight, Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, packaging service, etc.) and all shipping and handling costs inside the continental USA 90 days after purchase


SENSITIVITY – Set the sensitivity at a level that does not result in false signals from the ground. The very strong ground may result in the symbol on the screen and a loud sound – this means the sensitivity is too high.

GROUND BALANCE – With the default setting, the detector will use XGB to automatically ground balance. Tap to lock the ground balance to the current setting. Tapping when the ground balance is locked will update the current ground setting to what is under the coil.

GROUND SCAN – Hold to put the detector into Ground Scan mode. The top bar displays the ground strength and the two-digit numbers display the ground type (phase). Useful for tracing paystreaks.

IRON CANCEL – Tap to silence hot rocks, trash, and mineral changes in both audio modes. Hold to adjust the Iron Cancel setting (tap the button to cancel high-wrap hot rocks). Note that this setting may decrease the detector’s sensitivity to very small gold, but is necessary for difficult ground conditions.

VOLUME and THRESHOLD – Tap to adjust the volume with the up and down buttons. Hold to adjust the threshold with the up and down buttons (“th” displays on screen). With the volume at levels over 8 you can enable Boost 1 and Boost 2 for maximum sensitivity.

AUDIO MODE – With the displayed on screen, the detector is in “BEEP” audio mode (high tone = good target, low tone = bad target). The default setting (without on screen) is a traditional All-Metal audio mode with greater sensitivity to small targets.

SAT – SAT can smooth out ground inconsistencies. Hold to adjust it (“Sa” displays on screen, 2 is the default setting).

PINPOINT – Hold for non-motion pinpoint mode. In difficult ground this mode may be affected by mineralization.

BACKLIGHT – Tap to enable the backlight (this reduces battery life).

FREQUENCY SHIFT – Hold when turning the detector on to shift frequency (useful when there is EMI). Power off to save the selection.

FACTORY RESET – Hold when turning on the detector. Press the button when “Fd” is on screen to reset the machine to factory default.


Only authorized service centers can make repairs. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alterations, modifications, unauthorized service, or prolonged exposure to corrosive compounds including salt. Duration of any implied warranty (e.g., merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) shall not be longer than the stated warranty. Neither the manufacturer nor the retailer shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

Some states do not allow limitations on the length of implied warranties or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. Therefore, the above limitations may not apply to you. In addition, the stated warranty provides specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which vary from state to state.

The forgoing is the only warranty provided by White’s as the manufacturer of your metal detector. Any “extended warranty” period beyond two years, which may be provided by a Dealership or other third party on your metal detector, may be without White’s authority, involvement, and consent, and may not be honored by White’s Electronics, Inc


Detector Type Gold Nugget/Prospecting
Frequency 48kHz
Weight 3.6 lbs with batteries
Length 45 inches to 55 inches, Assembled
Batteries 8aa
Battery Life 20-40 hrs
Search Coil 6×10 dd, Optional 6” Concentric
IP Rating IP 54 (Rain/Dust Resistant)
Audio Speaker or 1/4” Headphone
Ground Balance XGB and TracLock
Warranty 2 Year Transferrable
Unique Features Ground Scan, All-Metal Disc.
Optional Coils GM24k Series


The Whites Goldmaster 24k Export Metal Detector with 2 Search Coils, Backpack & More is a great, user-friendly and comfortable metal detector model that will easily benefit beginner to advanced prospectors.

The Whites Goldmaster 24k is far the best Gold metal detector on the market.

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