Whites Coinmaster Metal Detector

A functional metal detector is a must for any hobbyist who wants to level up his or her own relic hunting and coin shooting game.

Thankfully there are companies like White’s Electronics who recognize the needs of enthusiasts.

Website: https://www.whiteselectronics.com/

The company is considered one of the oldest makers of metal detectors on the globe today, with features that have benefited both beginners and experienced hobbyists.

In this article, we are going to discuss the company’s Coinmaster Metal Detector.




  • Features 5-range discrimination properties
  • Includes modifiable sensitivity
  • Allows depth reading
  • Features pinpoint and all-metal modes
  • Features strong, water-resistant control box
  • Includes target identification
  • Features 46-inch to 51-inch adjustable length
  • Includes non-VCO all-metal audio
  • Features speaker and 1/4-inch headphone audio output
  • Operates on two 9-volt batteries
  • Features Silent Search disc audio
  • Includes Coinmaster Family optional coils
  • Features 9-inch standard coil
  • Single preset
  • Features 8kHz frequency


When it comes to design, the Coinmaster Pro is pretty minimalist and streamlined. It features a downsized control box that is situated just beneath the lower curvature of the device’s S-frame. It has an adjustable shaft that secures firmly in position and the whole unit has a lightweight feel at 2.5 pounds.

While the arm cup of the model is not cushioned, it has a smooth finish and curved edges which make wearing the item comfortable and not a nuisance.

The controls of the unit are a bit on the simple side, thus it is ideal for beginners, but for those with plenty of experience, they might find the controls lacking. It has a 9-inch coil and gets power from two 9-volt batteries.

The target ID displays the target’s identification on the screen as the user gets on with his or her exploration. It enables users to hear the goal item, and it includes a depth reading to assist hunters in excavating potential loot.

The device has a Five-Range Discrimination that is adjustable so users will be able to perceive anything or only discern the type of signal that they select. Its rugged-water-resistant design is meant for all-day, active usage.

Customers who are into the product have agreed that the device was a steady and dependable, versatile detector for beginner enthusiasts. It has a pee-wee rod to contract the shaft so younger kids can use it easily.

Its water-resistant properties also make it a good item to bring to the beach or locations with unpredictable weather.


A number of customers were not satisfied with its battery life, saying it could be improved. There were also other customers who agreed that it has limited functionality, thus this is not ideal for the advanced user

Most importantly, though, the device was said to have a low recovery time. Once it hovers over and notices a metallic item, it takes a second or two for it to reset before it can notice any other item.

In case you are hunting in a location where items are situated far apart from each other, the recovery time will not be that much of a problem.

But in locations with plenty of refuse, a model with a low recovery time translates to overlooking potential finds. While you can ease the problem by swishing over a part slowly a number of times, it can be bothersome in areas with plenty of litter.


The Coinmaster Pro from White’s Electronics is a great, user-friendly, and comfortable metal detector model that will easily benefit beginner enthusiasts, particularly the younger kind.

Apart from its low recovery time, it is something that one can use to hone his or her hunting abilities until he or she graduates from beginner to advanced level.

This will work for you, as well, if you plan on exploring areas that are not packed with junk metal materials, it will do an excellent job in assisting you in making great finds.

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