We all have things happen to us while metal detecting

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting?

The craziest encounter whilst metal detecting had to be a year ago.

I was out detecting the front lawn of a high school that was built in the 20’s. As I was swinging the coil, my peripheral vision picked up a Man coming towards me with a suit case on rollers. He stopped and watched me for a few minutes

Then struck up a conversation. Now, you must remember, that when talking to “strange” Strangers, you have to know when to fold on the conversation.

After a few minutes of shooting the breeze, I found out we had a few things in common. We were both Buffalo Bills fans, (which is strange enough, since we were in Green Bay, Wisconsin), plus we had ties to the state of Oregon.

Now if I followed rule #1, that would of been the time to ride that wave back to the shore.

Darn! Missed it.

He proceeded to talk about a motorcycle accident that he was in and that he had a metal plate in his head.

Okaaayyy!What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting?

Then he wanted me to see if my detector would pick up a signal, if I scanned his head.

Well sometimes, to get yourself out of a crazy situation, you have to follow rule #2, out crazy the crazy.

I lifted my coil to his head and sure enough…my detector had a reaction.

“Wow” I said. “Would you like me to extract that?” I proceeded to pull out my jagged hand digger.

He nervously laughed and strolled away with his luggage. Conversation over!

Love it when a plan comes together.

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? Please visit my

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The weirdest thing that ever happened to me while metal detecting:

I’m in the middle of the forest, night hawking a cellar hole with, my obsessed as I am, detecting buddy Scott. I’ve got part of a shoe buckle, a square pin & a neat old flat button in my pouch.

He has a coin (type yet to be determined), and a nice thimble. Things are going well for us in the darkness of our detecting wonderland… Suddenly, mid target dig, Scott comes over and says “Hey Allie, there are people coming up the trail, lets head back to the Land Rover”.

I look around and see nothing–no flashlights, just darkness, but I hear a small commotion, so I quickly take heed, grab my gear and follow him. Back at the car, we are both standing and looking in the direction of the commotion, neither one of us sure what’s going on. I’m thinking maybe someone is lost, or hurt, or maybe its the police. My body is on high alert as I stare into the darknessWhat is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? .

We hear a woman’s voice, but see nothing. Scott calls out “Can we help you?”, and suddenly into the light of our headlamps a woman appears, but what’s disturbing is that she’s got a group of about a dozen children with her, walking up the trail in the dark.

A very confusing moment for sure, mostly because while the woman and her group do not appear to be in any distress, I’m now wondering what is she doing with them wandering around the forest in the dark.

Rather than respond to Scott asking if she needed help, she says “Are you going to be here long?” Wow–there’s nothing like a good dose of rudeness to strangers in dark woods in the middle of nowhere–it’s a good thing we’re nice people.

We relate that we are metal detecting, and that yes, we will be there a while. The woman rambles something barely audible about conducting a class for the kids to learn sensory skills, hence their lack of lighting–they are practicing walking in the dark. She then says our headlamps are “disturbing their vision”–OMG, Really???

Both of us being brought up to be polite, and not wanting to ruin the children’s “class”, we shut our headlamps off, assuming the group would pass on by and continue up the trail.

As they passed, the woman again asked if we were going to be there much longer. We looked at each other and we’re like, “we’ll just wait until you leave”. Then the woman says they are going to “sit down nearby and be very quiet”. And you know what?

They did just that. They took up residence right next to the cellar hole!  Unbelievable.  I look at Scott astonished, and say “Of all the times and places…”.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

The woman and her group of students stayed for almost an hour. Them sitting in the dark quietly, and us next to 4 wheel drive, having a snack and giggling quietly over our predicament.

We couldn’t leave, for to do so would mean noise and headlights. We didn’t want to ruin the kids class, so we waited… patiently.

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? They finally departed, and if it were not for the rustling of leaves, and a few whispers, we would not even known they had left. Wouldn’t it have been thoughtful to say “thank-you” or “we’re leaving” to the nice, friendly accommodating Detectorist’s waiting patiently nearby?

The woman’s rudeness kind of ticked me off. Last I knew, this was a free country (sort of), and the land was not private. I thought it was very brazen for her to ask if we were going to “be there much longer”.

Um… hello, we were here first, we had our own plans and were doing our own thing, and maybe we didn’t want to stop detecting, shut our headlamps off, and risk getting hurt ourselves walking in the dark, then stand around for an hour, so you could hold your bizarre twilight tike hike.

Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, or else I wouldn’t have been so agreeable to move aside for their night time experiment, but c’mon, what was this woman thinking taking a group of kids out walking around the woods in the dark? Most people are good people, but not everyone is, and you never know when you’re going to meet someone who could be dangerous, especially under those circumstances.

We attempted to hunt a bit more, but the spirit of the hunt was lost, so we packed it in, deciding to come back another day, um… I mean night.

Allyson Cohen What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting?

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My friends land was so full of history and I was so used to rubbish land that when I travelled the four hours over to his I’d detect 18 hours a day for 4 straight days .

Often we were out till 3 am or later. This caused lots of mishaps and mayhem . One night in the pitch dark fields we kept seeing police cars passing . Next minute my friend says I think they are all parked up by your car .

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? We crept over rather sheepishly and sure enough my car was surrounded by four police vehicles. Plus some guy in a jeep . Turns out he was a hunter and he called them to flush us out so he didn’t shoot us .

Another night a cop stopped me and confirmed I had permission. Next thing he gets out pictures of coins he’d found with his Ace 250 .

Another night we got lost in the fog. We decided to head home 2 miles across fields to my car . But which way was it ? My friend said one way and I said another . We headed in my direction. We kept bumping into electric fences in the fog . After about 5 or 6 of them we heard some loud snorting .

We had disturbed a bull in the middle of a foggy night .

We ran for our lives and ran straight through those electric fences again but luckily found the car in the end . Great memories not forgetting the times I was out there on my own half the night with nothing but Roman ghosts to keep me company .

One year I did it over Christmas. At 3 am on Christmas morning I stepped into a freezing cold stream by mistake . My feet and legs were frozen . The Detecting was so good I just carried on going . Christmas Eve , Christmas Day and Boxing Day I spent out Digging Roman coins on my own till 3 am .

Like a man possessed I felt no cold . Only the chill breath over my shoulder of those Roman ghosts


What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? YouTube

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The Strangest Detecting Trip Ever  

This was a great question.  There’s so many funny, great, and strange and scary stories that have occurred but there’s one particular trip that stands out above the rest. 

It had been the best week of metal detecting ever.  My friend and I had been finding some amazing stuff in Ohio all week and it was time to go down to Kentucky to meet up with our other friend and hit some colonial spots. 

Man!  I was so excited I couldn’t even sleep the night before I was so excited. 

Shortly after we arrived, we headed straight to a holler where a colonial home once stood.  We spend hours and hours digging up some great stuff in this one area but every once in a while it felt like someone was watching us from the green pasture across the creek. 

That place looked like a great spot for a colonial home to have been built back in the day.  I felt like I was being drawn to that spot for some reason.  Anyone that has metal detected before knows that feeling.  After a pretty long day of digging, we called it a day but never hit that spot. 

The next day the three of us hit some new spots but we made it back to the holler.  This time before leaving I talked my buddies into heading across the creek and exploring that spot. 

This little draw was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and crossing over that creek, I kept picturing in my mind what this place must have looked like in the 1700s.  I still had that strange feeling someone was watching us but no one was around for miles and miles. 

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? As I made my way up to this really promising looking knoll I was getting a broken signal near this big old tree on the top of the knoll at the edge of the woods.  As I was circling the signal I felt a strong tap on my shoulder. 

My first question in my head was “How did either one of my buddies make it up that knoll so fast?  I just saw them over 100 yards away.  I pulled my phones off and turned around then realized there was no one there. 

My friends were still way down the hill.  At that moment every single hair on my body was standing straight up and I was freezing cold.  My first reaction was to scream or run but I was frozen.  Shortly after that I was able to start moving again and walked down the hill to meet my buddies. 

On the way down I contemplated whether or not I should tell them what just happened but I didn’t say anything because I figured neither of them would believe me.  So I just held it in. 

Heading out of the place, I got out of the truck to open the cattle gate and decided that I would go ahead and share that experience with them.  I told the story and my buddy who had the permission he said “Are you being serious!?   

I have heard the same exact story before from someone who hunted the same spot”  Geez Louise Man!  I was really freaked out now.  I didn’t believe in ghosts until that very moment. 

I am a believer now.  Craziest trip ever. 

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? YouTubeWhat is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting?

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One of the most memorable metal detecting moments I have in my life comes from a memory when I was VERY young.

I was four years old and I received a birthday card in the mail from my grandparents and in it was a quarter. I remember putting the quarter in my mouth and trying to swallow it, why, well I guess my younger self was curious beyond reason.

I remember it getting stuck and my parents freaking out. They made me try and eat bread to push the quarter down. I remember how bad it hurt as it made its way to my stomach. We were a pretty poor family so going to a Dr. was usually only a life-threatening event.

Since the quarter made its way to my stomach we were in the clear for that, lol. This is where the story gets interesting, my dad made me lay on the ground for the next couple days and he would take his metal detector out and run it along my stomach until there was no longer any beeping sounds.

I don’t know if that is what “planted” the seeds to get me into prospecting but it is definitely a story I clearly remember having an impact on me.

Jessica Mills


Prospector Jessica Mills aka “The Dirty Girl”

Hello all, I’m Sid Tecting and here is a snippet of one crazy days digging we had last year… 

Metal detecting is a funny old hobby… what started out as a normal weekender… well as normal as they can ever be with us lot.. Boud aka Carol, had finally got her long awaited hammy, over 6 months she had been waiting so she was super pleased when a Eddie penny popped out.  

So as your see in the video she did a hammy dance to keep the hammy gods happy. but after that we never had much else to show for our efforts so we decided to have a good few hours on the local beach to see if we could winkle up a bit of modern. 

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? Well we got more modern that we was expecting… crack cocaine, coke, speed, mcat, downers lol… proper drug haul… Keith handed it all into the police the next day… well I think he did, he aint been the same since.. 

Just goes to show folk you never know what’s in that next hole, could be gold, could be a hammy or could be loads a crack.. keep on digging and be safe.. 

happy hunting.

Sid TectingWhat is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting?

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Here is the video of what was found.. enjoy


The most unusual thing that has happened to me (so far) is after obtaining permission to hunt a house right around the corner from my own, in a small community I am well known in.

I had the cops called on me and was asked to leave.

I made this video to tell what happened and explain why. I hope this helps you, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind before it happened, simple as it sounds.

What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting? Skyler Duckworth

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