Have you ever wondered what coil spends the most time on peoples metal detectors.

We asked our experts to tell us what coil spends the most time on their machine and why?

The NEL Thunder and Tornado coils are my favorites!                    

The Thunder is on my AT Max 90% of the time and the Tornado pretty much lives on my Fisher F75.

I like these coils, especially the Thunder because they provide about an inch or so of extra depth (if the conditions are right), while also maintaining decent target separation.  Anything larger than the Tornado and you’ll just wear yourself out too soon without much of an advantage, unless you’re trying to cover a huge field with very very few targets.

Don’t forget, if you’re hunting in heavy trash or high iron, go stock coil or smaller if you have it!  Depth is not always king.

Dig it all!

Brad / The Hoover Boys

Youtube Channels:What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?

The Hoover Boys

Urban Treasure Hunting

By now everyone has certainly heard users of the Garret AT Pro sing the praises of that 5″ x 8″ DD coil.

If you own this machine and have yet to try it, you’re in for a huge surprise. While the AT Pro is widely known for its amazing target separation, the 5×8 coil takes this to a whole new level. Being small in diameter it naturally offers the ability to get up close and personal with the base of trees, posts, and foundations but where it really shines is those trashy locations.

If you’re like me and live in an area that is over-developed (read: concrete jungle) which has also been hunted hard by previous generations of diggers; one of the last bastions of hope is the super trashy areas.

With the 5×8 coil the target separation is so great it picks through nails and other debris to really hone in on those long-hidden coins and artifacts. The older machines had a difficult time navigating these areas, and let’s face it, even modern detectors will cause diggers to become frustrated enough to give up on iron infested spots.

So the 5×8’s ability to eke out those signals and produce results is a win in any corner.

Just remember, there is no “perfect” coil for all occasions. While some may be sufficient in handling most terrains and situations, choosing the right coil based on digging conditions may provide that extra little edge you need to pull out missed targets.

Through my own experience the 5×8 sacrifices little if any depth, but I still grab for my 8.5″ x 11″ coil just to be safe when it comes to those sparsely targeted fields and deep brushy woods where the finds can be nestled up to 10 inches deep or better.

Finally, don’t break the bank going coil happy!

If you cannot afford every coil on the market, remember, the makers of your machine of choice have thoroughly tested and provided you with what they feel is the best all-around coil. So trust in your machine, learn it, and get that coil over some amazing finds!

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?Siren Kimmie,

Girls Rock Metal Detecting

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Our go-to coil!

As field testers for White’s Electronics, Mark and I detect a lot in a wide variety of conditions. From old farm fields to cellar holes in the thicket of New England forests, to private lawns and sandy beaches, we hunt it all.

Our climate is as variable as our sites; we have detected in 95 degrees baking in the sun, and we have hunted in below freezing temperatures through ice and snow.

The one coil that is almost always on our machines, is the Detech Ultimate 13. The coil is very rugged, which makes it suitable for our tough terrain (the don’t call New Hampshire the “granite state” for nothing!). The ribbed housing of the coil is designed to absorb bumps and vibrations, which helps when we are climbing over rocks and roots surrounding an old home site in the woods.

The coil has amazing target identification, and just this past Saturday Mark pulled an amazing Reale out of the ground, after What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?announcing “that’s old silver” as soon as he heard the signal.

With its impressive size, the coil covers a lot of ground, which is useful in the vast fields we like to detect. Surprisingly, despite its size, the coil is not too heavy (16.9 ounces), and I can easily swing it all day (and I am a small person).

Sensitivity is another plus; the Detech Ultimate 13 manages to pick up even on the tiniest slivers, like a trime coin, for example.What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?

I currently have the coil on my VX3, MXT Pro, MX Sport, and MX 7 machines and hardly ever take it off.

We just returned from a cellar hole hunt this weekend, where Mark unearthed some amazing coins using the Detech 13 coil. You can see footage of this hunt here: https://youtu.be/MTLnWKN9Uls

I would recommend this coil for anyone, and it fits a variety of detectors, White’s machines as well as other brands. I know that my detectors will always proudly wear it and lead me to many more treasures.

Dominique from the Silverslingers

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?

YouTube Channel

The Silverslingers

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When I began detecting I was been using a Teknetics Delta 4000. I loved how light the machine was. My arm gets tired fast, so the lighter, the better!

I had been wanting to make the leap to the AT Pro, but (compared to my 4000) it was so heavy. When I did make the switch, I was feeling every little extra ounce of weight! As a weakling, I could only manage to detect for half the time I had been able to before!

Then, the 5X8 double D coil was recommended to me.   It was a complete game changer!! I might have lost a little bit of depth by going to the small coil, but my swing time was greater! Since putting this coil on my Pro, it has not come off.

This smaller coil really helps me separate out the better targets in our iron or trash infested sites! I haven’t been able to get in much detecting with this nasty Midwest winter, but I can’t wait to see what new relics and treasures I’m able pull up with the 5×8!

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?



Dawn Donnelli

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What coil spends the most time on your machine (s), and why?

I currently run three different machines, obtained in the following order:

White’s Silver Eagle, White’s Eagle Spectrum, and a (more recently acquired) Garrett AT Pro which I am still learning.

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?I spent the first year of my almost two years’ experience running the White’s machines, which share the same coils. I have most of the coils available for these older machines, which run at 6.592kHz and are concentric in nature.

These coils are excellent at pinpointing, and the smaller ones are great with separation. I keep a 9” stock coil on one and a 6” one on the other, or at least a spare lower rod for easy swapping.

The 6” coil came in handy when I tested my White’s machines out in the mountains of Idaho at the Spud Diggers Ultimate Permission event last July.

In October 2017, I hunted with Joe who runs Okie’s Surf And Turf channel and from whom I purchased the AT Pro because of his anticipation for the new Equinox.

It came with the standard 85”x11 stock DD coil, plus the 5”x8” smaller DD coil. This is the coil I run most of the time, due to the trashy nature of the locations which I currently search.

It has significant depth and excellent separation for a small coil, and it is much lighter than the stock coil without sacrificing too much. I believe the pinpointing is more accurate as well.

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?I hope to be able to test out other high performance coils on the Pro in the future to see how they compare to the 5×8.

You can check out my adventures on my facebook page Tough Run Metal Detecting, or visit my website with the same name, http://www.toughrunmetaldetecting.com/. I also have a YouTube channel with the same name, videos are coming soon! Join me on my adventures.

James Opfar

I started with a massive over sized coil on my Fisher 1236 in 1994.

As a beginner I had trouble understanding the depth and never really got a handle on it. A few years ago when I bought an ACE 250 the stock coil is smaller than most stock coils.

I was quickly able to master this coil and felt I could upgrade to a bigger coil. Instead I bought the AT PRO with the larger stock coil and after some practice, was able to master it.

My next step is to upgrade my coil. What have I learned from all this? As a beginner, never start with an over sized coil. Work your way up to it.

We don’t crawl then run, we walk in between. Coils are similar.

All the best!!!

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why? YouTube channel

Pop Can Dan  


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What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?

When considering what coil is right. I personally think about my primary detecting habit. I have a 6” cool, an 11” concentric coil, and a stick coil for my Minelab E-trac.

I spend my hunts usually in large fields and forests, which tend not to be trashy or even iron infested. Deep isn’t an issue in Maine as we here have a thick rocking base.

With consideration to a somewhat heavy machine as my hunts are 4-6 hours on average I prefer to stay with the stock coil, 9” concentric. This coil has proven accurate and can be easily maneuvered around trees.

In the past my go to coil has been an 11 x 9 butterfly.

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?Experience and site often dictate which should coil is appropriate for the day; in my case I like the stock. Try em all if you can. There’s a right fit for YOU!

Hello my name is Garry Boblick and I am a detectorist I have an at pro and an ace 250 the coils I normal use is the 8.5 x 11 DD coil on the at pro.

I use it more than any coil I have because I hunt a lot of iron infested sites and with that coil. I can get good depth and good separation on good targets.

I sometimes use the smaller coil but I feel that I get the best results out of the bigger coil on depth and separation, really the only time I use the smaller coil is in really heavy wooded areas so I can get in all the spot I can’t with the bigger coil.

This season, I’m even going bigger with a Nel coil for hunting fields and non iron infested sites but I always go over an area with the 8.5 x 11 first then I will change coil and hit the same area with the smaller coil just to find the targets I may have missed with the bigger coil.

I have found I don’t miss much with the bigger coil but really small target like cuff buttons and small jewelry this is.

What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?

Up North Digger here Get some history


YouTube: Up North Diggers

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” What Coil Spends The Most Time On My Machine And Why?”


I’m an avid Treasure Hunter with limited experience. I have been treasure hunting for a few years. My current machine is a Minelab SE and an Garret AT Gold. I tend to choose a machine and use the coil it comes with.

Whaaat? The coil that comes with it? Yes. I did have a Minelab 705 with a coil specific for gold and one specific for relice/coin hunting. Worked great. However I find that my limited experience is best served by using a coil designed for the machine I have. I have a trusted Metal Detector dealer that is quite knowledgeable and guides me when I am ready to upgrade to a new machine. I spend most of my time learning the machine and I don’t know when I would have the time to learn a better coil.


NEL Sharpshooter 5.5 x 9.5 Coil for the AT Pro Review

5.5 x 9.5 and the 5 x 8 coil from Garrett.

The price of both coils were close.; however the NEL coil had the advantage of coming with a coil cover for no additional cost. I decided to go with that coil.

To my dismay no one had  them in stock I spoke to Rich from Colonial Metal Detectors, solid guy. He told me he was expecting a shipment with in a week or two, so I put my name on the waiting list. I got an email with in 7 days informing me that the coil had arrived. After payment I had my coil in 2 days. Supper fast shipping wow and great service.

Colonial Metal detecting website: http://www.colonialmetaldetectors.com/

I have used the coil for several months in Old mining towns, parks, old home sites and many other places. I am extremely happy with the coil and the service from Rich at Colonial Metal Detectors. 

NEL Sharpshooter 5.5 x 9.5 Coil for the AT Pro

Video Review:

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