what are your pet peeves in metal detecting

So I was wondering.

  What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?


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What is my biggest pet- peeve in metal detecting you ask?

  1. When I get a really clean signal and start to dig a plug and the ground is like concrete. UGH!!!
  2. When I feel like I am digging to China and wonder how much deeper I have to go!!!!!What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?
  3. PULL TABS >>>> I have decided to either make something with them or give them to a school.
  4. SNAKES!!!! I just can’t deal with that.
  5. Last but not least , please cover your holes and take the trash with you.

Tressala Osborne

I have a few pet peeves when it comes to metal detecting. I’m sure they are pet peeves to others in the hobby also.

  • The first one is not refilling holes. I don’t care where you are, you need to refill your holes. 
  • The second one is not picking up your trash. If you are going to take the time to dig it, dispose of it properly. There is nothing that drives me more nuts. I get a signal and look down to find a plug or hole that has been dug. Then you find their target (trash usually) in the hole or next to the hole. Besides if it’s a location you are going to return to, do you really want to dig the same trash again.  
  • The third is learning how to cut a proper flap in sod. You want to try and make it look like no one has been there. Poor and disrespectful actions by a few, reflect on all in the hobby, which is unfortunate but true.  


 Darby(Goondock-Spud Diggers)  


Spud Diggers

My biggest pet peeve is not having enough places to go that will allow metal detecting here in Washington state.

I’m always afraid that i will be trespassing on someone’s property so i usually just don’t go. Also, its not much fun to do it by myself.

Sharon Tuggle

My Pet-Peeves are:

  • Too many people think there ” EXPERTS ” and there not…….
  • You don’t have to buy an ” EXPENSIVE ” metal detector , to be successful ,….
  • Not enough Detectorist helping there own groups / clubs, there are many people out there , that are very well off, that don,t do anything to help , with money , or anything…………

What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?Larry Kadra


Larry’s Thoughts

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A Detectorist’s Pet Peeve

Written by Detecting Diva

Pet Peeve:  How annoying is it when people refer to us as “He (or she) is a metal detector?”  Or, “Oh, You’re a metal detector?”

Dear rest of the world who do not metal detect: We are Detectorist’s.  We are not the machine, we are the user’s of the machine.  Therefore, Detectorist’s.

Listening to someone speak to a group of us “detectorists” a while back, I had to grit my teeth as he said “You metal detectors…”, and yes, technically, with our machines in hand, we are metal detectors.  What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?We detect metal, but again, we are not the machines, we are the users of the machine.  Calling us metal detectors is just wrong, and just sounds wrong.

This must be a universal pet peeve in English speaking countries, as evidenced by the first episodes of both seasons of the popular UK show Detectorists, where the person calling them metal detectors has to be corrected to the proper term, i.e. detectorists.  Great show by the way.

My guy has his own way of dealing with being called a metal detector, and likes to drive me mad by frequently teasing that he is not a detectorist, he is a “Metal Detective”.  I wished him good luck with that, and assured him that he is sure to make many friends at the local detecting club by introducing himself as “Mark, the Metal Detective”.

I dream that some day folks will get it right, and my spell check will actually recognize the term and stop highlighting my every use of the word, but until then …sigh.  And no, I’m not a “metal detective” either–I’m a Detectorist–


Okay, pet peeve is over–Happy Hunting to all my fellow Detectorist’s out there! *After I posted this, I received a comment with a link to a YouTube clip which was one of the scenes I was thinking about when I wrote this, see clip above to see exactly what I’m talking about.  It seems I’m not the only one with this Pet Peeve.

Allyson Cohen What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?

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My pet peeve are the manufacturers selling to big box stores selling machines to people and neither the people or sales personnel know nothing about detecting.

People buy their machine and go get a shovel and start digging holes. It comes down to god all mighty dollar. With untrained people going out and digging without training of digging techniques, the knowledge of federal, state, and local laws.

This is one of the reasons more and more places are getting shut off to detecting.

KennyWhat are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?


My biggest pet peeve with digging is the when people don’t cover their holes. Or if they do it’s crappy.

I have had to say something a few times. I always believe in leaving it the way you found it. Must have good ethics. 

Thanks for reading,

           Jim Barger
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After detecting for 24 years you run into a lot of different things that start to bother you.

Unfortunately everyone doesn’t use common sense when metal detecting…

My biggest pet peeve is when someone digs a target and leaves the hole unfilled. It adds even more anger when they leave the garbage they dug on top of the pile of dirt they removed from the hole. This not only makes me mad but can get people who Detect kicked off properties permanently.

What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?My second pet peeve is when you take someone detecting with you on a permission you secured. Then they decide to start detecting that property on there own. I hate to say this has happened to me in the past. You loose friends over this type of behavior.

My third pet peeve is when I do lots of research for a place and start finding stuff. Then lots of people start asking you to take them. I don’t mind the asking as much as them getting mad when I say no.

My last pet peeve is when you take people to your spots. Then you find out they have there own permissions and they take other people except you because they think you find too much. When I invite people to my spots I love it when they find great things. It means I did the proper research. I wouldn’t invite someone unless I want them to find lots of targets.

With all that said. I hope none of you encounter and of these and if you do hope you handle them without losing friends.

Matt T

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Metal Detecting pet peeves

I don’t really have any little pet peeves with metal detecting. I am a fairly easy going person.

However I do have one large pet peeve with ARPA-The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979.

In 1906 under the guidance of President Roosevelt the Antiquities Act was enacted. Its purpose was to allow the government to protect certain areas from wanton destruction by declaring them National Monuments. Such places as Gettysburg, Craters of the Moon etc. were protected. I think that was a great Idea.What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?

Then 73 years later congress decided that the Antiquities Act wasn’t enough. So they put into the effect ARPA. ARPA is overkill. Anything that could potentially be an Archaeological resource is protected with stiff laws and stiff penalties. The problem is that any manmade object could be an Archaeological resource.

If not now but in 100 years. So everything has potential.That means that an old homestead out in the middle of nowhere falls under ARPA. There are thousands of old homesteads. I have sincere doubts any Archaeological team will ever excavate that homestead. And if by some miracle they do a site exploration someday there won’t be much left to find.

Those old homesteads are rapidly returning to the dirt. There is one small saving grace. Something has to be over 100 years old to be considered an Archaeological resource under ARPA.ARPA came about because of the reckless actions of others who were tearing up the land looking for treasure and profit and the over inflated egos of the Archaeology community. They acted like a little kid going, “mine-mine-mine!” So when you are out detecting please be respectful of the land so that we don’t give congress any reasons to tighten the law. Besides it’s the proper thing to do.

Garry aka the Desert Rat

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My Biggest Pet Peeves in Metal Detecting

 So this is a great topic.  While I think that detecting is the greatest hobby, there are a few things that get under my skin and make the hobby a little less enjoyable at times.  So in true Okie style, here’s the items at the top of my list:

  • Poachers-  There’s way too many of these people out there.  As you all may be aware it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain permissions.  After a ton of research, meeting with the property owner and gaining permission, you and the property owner arrive at the site only to discover open holes and trash scattered about.  Man that makes my blood boil.  I am waiting for the day I come across one of those people.  Always gain permission to hunt a spot.   
  • Vultures-  This variety of Vulture doesn’t have feathers, walks on two legs and swings a detector.  When word gets out that someone has found a good spot, it seems like everyone within a 50 mile radius swoops in and scoops up the leftovers.  Come on people, take the time to find your own spot and respect that person that took the time to find that spot on their own!  Geez!    
  • Posers- These are the guys that are always bragging about the amazing things they find when in reality it probably came from Ebay or a coin shop.  They have never been skunked or have a bad hunt.  If anyone reading this can truly say they have found handfuls of amazing finds on every single hunt, I would love to fly wherever you are and meet you.  These people could be found on forums, your local metal detecting club, or even on a tv show or detecting videos.  Keep it real.  This does more damage than people think, especially to new detectorists.  Some people are so starved for views, attention, ratings or popularity that they fail to represent the hobby truthfully.  That’s gotta be a sad way to live and those people need to go away.
  • Ground hogs- Again I am not talking about the critters who live in the ground eating grubs and roots.  I am talking about the lazy slobs who use the world as their garbage can and have no respect for public or private property.  These people do not cut proper plugs, cover there holes and take their garbage with them.  They are endangering the future of detecting.  Cities all over the country have banned detecting from public property because a couple of these crappy people who damaged or destroyed the grounds.  It only takes one person to ruin it for everyone.  ALWAYS FILL IN YOUR HOLES NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE HUTNING AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH!  Leave the place cleaner than the way you found it.  
  • Fun suckers-  Finally are the fun suckers.  These people can ruin a good day of detecting in a heartbeat.  They are on a mission to makes everyone’s business their own.  They cannot control themselves when others having an enjoyable time digging.  These people seem to have the ability to know every single city ordinance or code about detecting and feel obligated to educate you.  They want to truly suck all the fun out of what your doing.  They do suck alright.  Anyway, be prepared to suggest a hobby that might occupy them like reading, knitting, stamp collecting, or bingo.

Whew!  I feel better now.


Okie’s Surf  N Turf metal detecting


What are my biggest pet peeves of metal detecting?

I have a few actually…

  1. When my pouch gets so heavy that it just starts sliding down my legs, sometimes taking my pants with it! And no matter how tight I make the waist strap, it always ends up sliding down.
  2. Being called a “Metal Detector”, this one is very common! Its detectorist!
  3. Pulltabs
  4. When something runs out of charge- weather it be my AT Pro, Pinpointer, Camera or Mobile phone, whenever something runs out of charge, it can make things a whole lot harder!
  5.  And finally… others that don’t fill in their holes/plugs and give us all a bad name!What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?

Jacob Ure

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Elitism, is my biggest pet peeve, you see it every where, in every subject of study, sport and hobby. Why is it, that in all things one human must be superior to another and in that superiority see a need to marginalize and dominate for means of control over people environments and situations?

Shouldn’t one strive (if they must, strive) to be the humble champion through their best efforts, instead of stomping others below them into the mud?

I have summated that it must be due to the part of the beast that is still human, or the earthen body of man, seeking to lead the pack and assure the survival of his/her genes over the competition.  But what is man who lives at the level of the beast, but just another beast?

What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?James Allen Wrote; 

“A noble and God-like character is not a thing of favor or chance, but is the natural result of continued effort in right thinking, the effect of long-cherished association with God-like thoughts.”

HE also argued that a bestial character is the long time espousement of beast like attributes and thoughts.

“Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves.” 

I once hoped to bring unity to the groups of people in the different communities I associate with and soon realized that the idea is rather Utopian and to some therefore unattainable and poo pooed. But, I think it is worth the striving and realized it must start with me.

The survival of our sport, hobby and ways of life that are worth keeping are worth fighting for, in fighting we must be an example, lead from the front or not at all. What sane person wants to join the sport of metal detecting after spending a few moments on treasure net or on a metal detecting site on social media these days… these are the windows to the world for the future generations like it or not and its up to us to be good ambassadors.

We are advertising what it is and who we are as a whole. We are already starting from a place in the public’s eyes that isn’t so favorable. Can you envision the stereo type in your mind… does it look like a middle aged, balding male, out of shape, wearing new balance tenirunners, jealously guarding, “other peoples”, lost stuff he’s found? (mostly true for me) HAHA

I know we can do better at promoting the sport we love. I know most the time we are pretty good! But ever more these days with the inhibiting aid of the internet we can be very ugly.

Now, excuse me while I step down off my soapbox… you did ask for a pet peeve, didn’t you?!  [wipes brow, veins popping out]

Skyler Duckworth

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Come on people! I have been hunting this spot for 8 years.

It is a piece of private property surrounded by BLM land that contains a lot of history. I was approached by a BLM officer (who turned out to be the husband of my wife’s friend!) claiming I was hunting on public land.

Fortunately I had my GPS with my hunting chip showing land ownership.

I explained it was private and he apologized and let me continue hunting. He explained there were numerous citations given this summer for disturbing historical sites in the area. This included digging holes and pulling apart rock foundations. As I was talking to him I looked down at the ground where we were standing and noticed a hole not buried.

As we show people this hobby let’s teach them respect for the historical aspect of it as well. It has gotten worse over the last couple of years. More and more destruction of places I have been going to lately. Don’t be lazy bury your holes no matter where you are! Don’t be an a–hole and destroy pieces of history!

– Jim

For some reason I find planted hunts a complete turnoff.

I know they serve a purpose of raising money for a club or charity but it’s like all the stuff I hate regarding detecting rolled into one. I hate crowds and prefer to avoid places where big crowds gather.

I hate hunting for recent drops unless I’m searching for a specific item like a ring. I don’t like participating in timed contests and never did.

I hated SAT tests as a kid and guess that dislike continues to this day. I’d rather find one nice legit silver dime at depth than 50 planted silver dimes at a hunt.

I like hunting slow, not at break neck speed. Seeking targets through research or intuition requires thought, patience and observation.

Hunts are like organized chaos where the area is roped off and hunters act like a pack of hungry dogs unleashed to find morsels of food. It’s just not an activity I find satisfying. It appeals to base instincts rather than higher levels of thought.

Sorry for the rant but it was on my mind.


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