Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

In order to make those treasure hunting excavations a success, one needs a functional metal detector. One such unit that is up for grabs on the market today is Teknetics’ Delta 4000 metal detector.​

The Delta 4000 will help you in searching for hidden treasures buried underground in your locations and other choice areas. It includes an LCD readout and 2-digit numerical target identification setup which makes reading information easier.

The unit can accommodate both beginners and enthusiasts of an advanced level, so if you are on the hunt for a detector, you better read the rest of this review and find out whether this one has all the positives.

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector




  • Features LCD target data
  • Features 2-digit numerical target ID set-up
  • Features 4 tones
  • Can discriminate items by categories
  • Includes push-button pinpoint
  • Features modifiable sensitivity
  • Includes battery life indicator
  • Features perceptive menu system
  • Features running depth indicator
  • Features membrane-switch control
  • Features all-metal mode
  • Features overload alarm set-up
  • Features ground balance
  • Includes 8-inch concentric search coil
  • Operates with 9-volt battery


The Delta 4000’s build is pretty minimal and ordinary for some. It has an extender rod which is situated in the device’s S-frame, and the control box is positioned just beneath the lower curvature of the device.

The cushioning of the unit may be a bit high for a few users, but since it is designed with a soft, yet resilient foam, it is comfortable enough to wear and make hours of treasure hunting more tolerable.

The control box is actually one of the best things about the model. It has graphic and numeric target identification. Plenty of detectors meant for beginners will only include a visual target ID, which groups items into visual sets that make the feedback coming from the detector easier to comprehend.

Detectors with more advanced features typically make use of numeric target ID, which provides values from 1-99 that match up to the conductivity of the item.

However, the numeric ID is more accurate compared to the visual type, and once users get the hang out of the machine, they can begin to identify exactly what is buried underneath the ground centered on that data.

By providing both numerical and visual ID, the company has climbed out of the box, and as a result, made a detector that operates even better as the user’s expertise begins to progress.

Even though it has great ID capacities, it features a standard search coil, one that you will find on most metal detectors. You can choose to purchase a more high-tech replacement and change the coil if you plan on covering areas with a high amount of refuse.

The model includes all of the features that you will find from a detector that is designed to undertake treasure hunting activities. It includes 6 levels of discrimination, 9 sensitivity options, and 3-tone audio. It also has custom notching so users can bypass the refuse and concentrate on items with plenty of potential.

The battery life of the model, meanwhile, is superb and extra handy. The set-up of the unit has been augmented for more effectivity, and it provides users a constant 20 hours of battery life, and to think it operates on a single 9-volt battery! Pretty nice!

Longer battery life means you can spend even longer hours of exploring with fewer battery changes.

Customers who bought the product, and were satisfied with its offers, agreed that the device was lightweight and really effective. For hobbyists who are in it for the long run, the combined visual and numerical target identification will help them a lot in their pursuit.


According to one customer, the device did not offer ground balancing. While users can opt to employ sensitivity settings to decrease unnecessary targets and haphazard sounds, doing so will also decrease the depth of the detector in areas with high mineral content.


It is a no-brainer; if you do not mind that it lacks ground balancing, has an ordinary search coil, but is equipped with a powerful battery that lasts for an excellent 20 hours, you are set for life with Teknetics’ Delta 4000. A good buy, I must say.

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