I have spent a lot of time looking for a smaller coil for the AT Pro. As we were detecting in areas where there was a fair amount of trash. I felt I needed a coil 5 x 8 or thereabout.

In the research process, I watched a lot of YouTube videos, looked at a lot of websites. I narrowed it down to the NEL Sharpshooter for Garrett AT Pro5.5 x 9.5 and the 5 x 8 coil from Garrett.

The price of both coils were close.; however, the NEL coil had the advantage of coming with a coil cover for no additional cost. I decided to go with that coil.

To my dismay no one had them in stock I spoke to Rich from Colonial Metal Detectors, solid guy. He told me he was expecting a shipment within a week or two, so I put my name on the waiting list.

I got an email within 7 days informing me that the coil had arrived. After payment, I had my coil in 2 days. Super fast shipping wow and great service.

Colonial Metal detecting website: http://www.colonialmetaldetectors.com/

I have used the coil for several months in Old mining towns, parks, old home sites, and many other places. I am extremely happy with the coil and the service from Rich at Colonial Metal Detectors.

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NEL Sharpshooter for Garrett AT Pro



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