Ultimate Metal Detectors are going to take a look at some of the things that people tend to overlook when they first start out.

Even if you are someone who has a lot of time treasure hunting, you are hopefully going to find a lot of value in the information listed on our website and in this article.

We are also going to provide you with comprehensive metal detectors review and feature listings.

There are a lot of metal detectors on the market right now. If you are someone new to the field, then you are probably going to read a lot of biased information; especially if you are on the internet.

Good thing for you, we are only concerned with bringing you the correct data and a vast variety of metal detecting models.


We rated these metal detectors on a few criteria. One of the most important things was the accuracy of the metal detection.

It is important that you are only spending your time detecting precious metals and not random scraps. This is why the efficiency of the metal detector is paramount when choosing the unit that you are going to go with.

We know there are a lot of high end models on the market. XP Deus, Fisher F75, Whites V3i, CTX 3030, Etrac and Garrett AT Gold. We really wanted to mix it up a little and share with our readers some different models on the market.


Click on the links below to take you directly to that model.

  1. Treasure Cove TC-3020 Fortune Finder Platinum Digital Metal Detector Set
  2. Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Discovery Pack with 8.5×11″ DD Search Coil, Camo Pouch, Coil Cover, Rain Guard, Headphones
  3. ForagerGO Waterproof Metal Detector Starter Kit Bundle with Shovel and Metal Detecting Guide
  4. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
  5. Garrett AT Pro
  6. Fisher F2

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You also have to factor in its ability to discriminate different kinds of metals. Sometimes, you want to hunt for just coins. Other times, you may want to find Relics. 

The metal detector that you are going to purchase should let you do that. This is called metal discrimination mode.

Most of the time, this is accompanied by a multiple tone mode for you to be able to differentiate the different types of metals that you detect while you are on the field.


Most metal detectors will work on the principle of conductivity. Electromagnetism occurs between electrically charged particles.

When the search coil passes over a metal object with a conductive surface; whether the object is on the surface or 18″ below ground . A signal or tone is heard due to the electromagnetic field generated.

A metal detector takes advantage of electromagnetism to get it to work. Essentially, you are using the coils as a mini radar to find the metal. This is why you are able to detect metal even if they are buried well underneath the ground.

Since you are going to be dealing with VLF, it is paramount that you place the coil of the metal detector low, while not directly touching the ground.

This is how you will be able to detect metals accurately and efficiently so you do not spend your time swinging wildly around your backyard or wherever you decide to go treasure hunting at.


There are a lot of things that you can do as a beginner to get started as a treasure hunter.

You should go ahead and exhaust as many resources as you can. Research is key. When you do your research you are going to be prepared even before you take the first step out on the field.You can:

  • Start reading all of the metal detecting websites (but cross reference them with each other). Start with the manufactures website first.
  • Register and participate in forums and other online communities like Facebook groups, where there are a lot of hobbyists. (Please like our Facebook page).
  • Sign up and go to seminars in your local community or join a local club where you might find like-minded individuals interested in treasure hunting
  • Go on YouTube and search for step by step guides and “come with me” videos of people using their metal detectors in all kinds of terrain.
  • You should also read up on how to chose your metal detector, especially for the area you live in and want to metal detect. Luckily for you, we are going to take a non biased approach to provide you with the most comprehensive reviews on metal detectors on the market now

With so many resources at your finger tips you will be ready to detect. When you decide which metal detector is best for you we recommend you dig every signal to get used to the different tones and possible target ID. Good Luck and Happy Hunting

We are also going to provide you with comprehensive metal detectors review and features. We are totally independent and unbiased.

You will be able to read a fully fleshed out guide for all of them also on our website, we provide metal detector reviews and features down below if you want to scan them over before proceeding any further:


For those that need the perfect equipment to bring when they are on the field, then the Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector is something that simply cannot be beaten. - Please note the company has gone out of business; therefore limited quantities are available.

It does what you require it to do efficiently and you are not going to find anything else as reliable and as durable as a Tesoro-branded product.

You are going to spend a lot of time on the field detecting metals, so you have to make sure that every second that you spend out there is proven to be of value.

This amazing equipment does it all for you and makes sure that you are not wasting your time digging up trash.

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector



  • Quality built metal detector made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Silent Search Discriminate Mode and Silent Search All Metal Mode
  • Push Button Battery Test
  • Comes with Comprehensive User’s Manual
  • One Drop-in 9V Battery
  • 8” Concentric Search Coil


As you can see from its list of features, it is definitely packed with a lot of things that you will be able to take advantage of.

There are a lot of metal detectors that provide you with almost the same features but none of them can beat the uMax with its ability to be durable. If you do not think it can stand the test of time then you do not have to worry.

You will be able to have your unit replaced or fixed forever since it has a lifetime warranty that you can depend on when things go awry.

There is also a push button battery test so you can make sure that all of the features that need to function are fully working before you step out.


One of the only things that we can say are negatives is the design of the equipment itself. It might prove to be a little too old school for some people’s tastes.

For those that do not mind it, then it should be no problem having a great time with this treasure hunter’s favorite tool.


This is listed as the number one on our list thanks to its ability to prove to be timeless equipment for treasure hunters all over the world.

The Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector is something that will not be dethroned for a very long time. You are guaranteed reliability, efficiency, and durability all under $300.


If you are feeling adventurous, you should know that metal detecting is the perfect hobby that might prove of value to you. You are going to encounter a lot of metals that you could even sell.

Collecting precious metals is one of the best hobbies to do since there is always something new to encounter every time you step foot out to the field.

If you want something to use out there that you will be able to trust then the Treasure Cove TC-3020 Fortune Finder is just the right one.

Treasure Cove TC-3020 Platinum Metal Detector Kit



  • Notch discrimination ignores junk metals and finds just the metal types you are searching for
  • Three Audio Tones: “Low” for nails, bottle caps or nickels, “Medium” for gold, zinc or copper, “High” for brass or silver
  • 8-inch open-face waterproof search coil for hunting in muddy conditions or in shallow water
  • Target Mode pinpoints the exact location of the already detected object with accuracy
  • Included sand-sifting scoop, headphones, user’s manual, carrying case


A lot of features are included in this amazing metal detector that you are going to love. For example, you have the notch discrimination system that ignores all of the junk metals while also accurately telling you whether there is a metal that you are searching for with the three audio tones.

The low is great for nails, nickels and bottle caps. Medium is for those gold finds as well as copper and zinc. The high setting is great for brass and most importantly silver.


This is a great metal detector for those who are new to the game. If you are someone who has spent a lot of time already treasure hunting then you are probably going to have a better time using the other metal detectors in our list.

There are a lot of things that you will be able to take advantage of with this model though.


This is second on our list since it is one of the best beginner metal detectors available on the market right now, if not the best.

The number one is the best overall but this one, we dare say, is better if you are someone who is only getting started to the hobby. You will be introduced to a lot of unique features to get used to.


If you are someone who just wants to go out treasure hunting then setting up your own kit might prove to be something that takes too much time for you.

Good for you, the Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Discovery Pack has something that almost every treasure hunter will need.

It has an 8.5×11” DD Search Coil already added in, a cameo pouch for all of your personal belongings or all of the metals that you have already dug up if you prefer it like that and a coil cover. The rain guard and the headphones are also great add-ons in this kit.

Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Discovery Pack



  • Enhanced Iron Resolution™ allows more control of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good targets from adjacent junk iron
  • Powerful new Double-D search coil provides greater detection depth and performance in mineralized grounds and excellent scanning coverage; Higher Frequency: offers improved ability to detect both small (i.e. small gold nuggets) and large targets
  • Volume Control Headphones included with purchase
  • Electronic Pinpointing to precisely locate target and speed recovery
  • Accept/Reject Discrimination to modify discrimination patterns
  • Five Search Modes to select pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator to determine target depth
  • Interchangeable ACE series search coils are available


Do not torture yourself by wasting time with worthless activities such as setting up your own kit. Get started with your adventures with one quick bundle that has it all for you. The metal detector itself is great since it has an enhanced iron resolution.

This means that you have different iron discrimination levels to help you segregate the things that you do not need to the most valuable metals on the ground.

There are a lot of things buried underground so you have to make sure you filter them.


You will definitely miss out on some of the best parts of this kit since a lot of people are reporting that there are quality errors with the add-ons included.

We believe that this is most likely a manufacturing error and not intended by the manufacturers since they are already a trusted brand.


This is the third metal detector in our list since it is truly one of the better models available on the market right now.

You will not get anything as good as this bundle in terms of the pricing and the quality of the metal detector already packed in.


The ForagerGO Waterproof Metal Detector Starter Kit Bundle is one of the best packs that we have tested out which goes for under $150.

There are a lot of things already packed in that you are definitely going to love. The metal detector, which is the highlight of the kit, is terrific and works as well as advertised.

It has a smooth overall feel to it and you are definitely going to get accurate readings of the important things that you are looking for under the ground.

NHI Metal Detector



  • Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, from the adjustable metal shaft and comfortable, arm-supporting handle that make sure this metal detector is easy for people of different sizes, ages, and levels of experience to use to the folding shovel/multi-tool that comes as an accessory
  • Requires 2 x 9v Batteries (not included)
  • With its one-touch auto-tune, this metal detector is easy for both budding treasure hunters and experienced, knowledgeable metal collectors to configure and use
  • With ground control option which automatically teams up with all of the other features that help you find the most interesting and valuable metals in the area, works with you to filter out false positives and other misleading readings when you’re working on an area that’s naturally rich in minerals
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Inclusive of the Forager I Metal Detector, 5 in 1 Folding Shovel and the Ultimate Metal Detecting Beginners Guide eBook


For a pack that adds so much, they did up the quality when compared to the last ones they did.

There are a lot more that you will be able to use for a very long time in this pack. The metal detector itself is one of the most amazing ones that we have used.

You are definitely going to have a lot of fun and you are going to dig up only the most precious metals while you are on the field since it provides you really accurate readings that are guaranteed to not waste your time.


The metal detecting guide might prove to be futile for those who already know a lot of things about treasure hunting so you are probably not going to need that unless you are new to the game.

This was a nice thing to add but they should have added a lot more info that would have been useful for tenured treasure hunters.


This is the fourth on our list since it has a lot of features that you are going to love. The ForagerGO Waterproof Metal Detector Starter Kit Bundle.

Regardless of your skill level, you are going to have a lot of fun using it but the guide itself might prove to be useless if you already know a lot.


With so many treasure hunters posting a lot of different metal detectors on the market, there is no mistake that you are going to see the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV pop up a lot in conversations.

It has a lot of features to bring to the table and is definitely one of the better ones out there in terms of quality and efficiency.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector



  • Rugged metal detector ideal for detecting treasure in extreme ground conditions
  • Motion All-Metal mode, Discrimination mode, and 2-Tone audio mode
  • Preset ground balance neutralizes response to mineral content in the ground
  • Disc/notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals


Brilliantly crafted, this is one of the more durable metal detectors considering its price range.

It has a rugged metal detector feature that is a great technological advancement compared to their previous releases since it will let you detect metal even with extreme ground conditions. That alone is worth buying since you are guaranteed to not waste your time.


The model does feel a bit clunky when used in different types of situations so you have to make sure that you have a lot of patience when you are swinging it around.


This is the last one on our list but that does not mean it cannot hang with the best of them. We only listed some of the best and we know that you are not going to be disappointed with any that you buy within this list.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

All-terrain metal detectors are perfect for hardy locations. Since treasure hunting can take up plenty of hours, one needs a model that he or she can rely on, something durable and packed with useful features to help prospectors in the search for excellent booty.

The Garrett AT Pro model is designed to pursue metals that are located up to 10 inches deep. It is capable of picking up only certain items by means of its target ID system, and it has high res-iron discrimination for a more enhanced exploration.

It is a model that is recommended for searching for relics, caches, coins, jewelry, and even bits of gold. But is it really worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector



  • Includes 8.5 x 11 inch search coil
  • Can be used by children ages 12 and up
  • Operates with batteries
  • Features auto-ground balance
  • Features weatherproof properties
  • Includes headphones
  • Ideal for coin hunting, relic hunting, jewelry hunting, beach activities


The AT Pro model includes a pro mode audio which enables users the opportunity to perceive sounds of target finds when it is in all-metal model.

It has a high-resolution iron discrimination technology too, and it allows users admission to 40 levels which will assist them in distinguishing between refuse and potential finds. That way, you will not have to waste plenty of time and effort digging for nothing.

It has a digital target ID that includes a scale ranging from 0-99. This will amplify the capability to distinguish iron and shift the mid-tone signal range.

Its most essential feature though, would have to be its capability to recover fast; users will be able to discern excellent targets from refuse.

It is meant for all-terrain usage and it can be plunged into waters that range up to 10-feet of depth, which makes the unit truly versatile and ideal for folks who want to cover both land and water prospects.

This is also the unit for enthusiasts who want to search for gold nuggets and jewelry. The detector is designed with a 15kHz frequency to improve the hunt for smaller targets.

For a more enhanced performance, the unit features ground balance which can be modified manually in an instant. This will guarantee users that they will have a stress-free time exploring the area for potentials.

Its GTA, or Graphic Target Analyzer, is extra helpful for recognizing a target’s conductivity. This is a beneficial aspect which coin hunters will benefit from since its uninterrupted coin depth indicator is quite convenient when it comes to the depth of a coin. It also features a battery life indicator so users won’t have to explore areas with a dying detector.

The unit has options like coins, zero, or custom, and these options can be in standard or professional mode. This enables users to adjust the device according to their target and improve the accuracy in identifying targets from plain trash.

Customers who are satisfied with their purchase shared that what they liked most about the unit was its fast recovery time because it allows for more searches. It was made for a variety of terrains, and is waterproof to boot.

It can accommodate both experienced users and beginners, plus it includes efficient manual, and automatic ground balancing features. According to one user, it is the first detector from the company to feature a digital target ID scale.


Several customers did not like that the package did not include a pinpointer.


Now, if you want to search for jewelry, coins, relics, or even gold nuggets, this might be the device that you are looking for. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector has a variety of adjustments and settings that can improve your search for excellent finds.

It is built for a wider range of terrain, and can be utilized for underwater purposes too, for a more extensive search. The features that the product has to offer will be convenient enough to enhance your discoveries.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

Are you a beginner in the world of coin shooting and relic hunting?

Are you confused with the selection of metal detectors being sold in the market today?

Then let this review give you an example of a model that has garnered some positive feedback from enthusiasts of the hobby.

The Fisher F2 model is a unit that will fit the needs of beginners; it is simple yet it has features that are advanced enough to steer the search for serious booty to the next level.

Let us get on with the review and see what makes this model a sure deal.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector with Coil Combo Kit



  • Includes 8-Part visual target ID
  • Includes 4-tone Audio ID
  • Features One-Touch pinpoint with numeric depth data
  • Features 8-inch concentric coil
  • Features ergonomic S-styled handle
  • Features coin depth indicator in motion search mode
  • Allows quick and sensitive target reaction
  • Features 2-digit numeric target value
  • Includes FPoint Pinpointer and 4-inch search coil
  • Weighs a light 2.6 pounds
  • Includes two 9-volt alkaline batteries
  • Feature 5-year warranty


The Fisher F2 model is something that beginners on the scene should check out. Well, even advanced users can seek out its functionalities as well.

It is packed with features and provides excellent performance, coupled with user-friendly features. It comes with a common 8-inch concentric, waterproof search coil and is recommended for exploring on land or water.

It has a comprehensive range of discretionary search coils for a variety of treasure hunting activities. It makes use of 7.8 kHz, provides a quick and accurate target comeback, and it features a frequency shift that gets rid of interference from electrical factors.

It is capable of searching for items that are up to 10 inches underground, and users can utilize its pinpointer to zoom in right towards the target. Its totally high-tech discrimination feature makes it a beneficial detector to use in locations with a high rate of junk metals.

It has a bigger control panel and has a comprehensible display with 7 sufficiently-sized buttons. It also features an 8-part visual target ID and 4-tone audio ID with a variable pitch for more range.

The model includes an external headphone set which enables longer battery life, letting users perceive deeper targets and block out noise from the outside. While the device was deemed as a beginner model, it comes with a set of powerful features that are typically found on high-end detectors.

It has an LCD meter that offers users readable data (lets users decide whether an item is worth digging up) and it also features data values that range from 0, which are for metals like iron, to 99, which include silver coins.

As soon as users have stumbled upon an object, they can use the pinpointer mode which will shift the screen to display an estimated depth of the target. The screen will display 8 ID graphics which are pull tabs, zinc, dime, foil, nickel, and iron.

The notch graphics, meanwhile, let users disregard particular targets keeping them focused on the kind of item they are searching for. It can also be equipped with a variety of coils for certain locations that the user wants to cover. The coils are safe to use in shallow water because they are waterproof.

Customers who were satisfied with their Fisher F2 purchase all agreed that the model was good for both experienced and starter enthusiasts.

It has a clear LCD display and 4-tone audio, for a more accurate ID of the target, an excellent pinpointing feature with depth data, a notch system that accepts or declines target categories, is super light and has a faster, more sensitive target response and recovery speed.


Some customers noticed that the device offered inconsistent readings when employed on the beach. Some may also find its super-sensitive attributes a bother.


Fisher F2 provides great performance for both beginners and experienced users, and can easily rival any high-end model with a price that cannot be beat.

Highly recommended for the serious hobbyist and the hobbyist who wants to perfect his or her craft.