Metal Detectors A Must for Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is a very exciting idea. As kids, the idea of being a treasure hunter was always a thrill because it translates to everyday adventures and travel while looking for exotic relics and precious metals. The life of a treasure hunter is a captivating idea when portrayed by the movies and adventure/fantasy books.

However, in reality, these relics and treasures can prove to be hard to find. In order to score a great find, you have to possess tons of determination, smarts, persistence, and a great, functional metal detector.

In addition, prospectors have to deal with the law too—every country has its own regulations and laws where you can utilize a metal detector in a legal way. There are also different laws on how the bounty will be allocated.

Metal detectors are the devices utilized in order to complete the pursuit. These units are capable of finding any kind of metal item that is buried underground. These units can be depended on to provide good output since they are light, efficient, and convenient.

A majority of these detectors are powerful, and some come with reasonable prices, while some cost more than the standard kind, particularly detectors that are used for finding gold and silver.

Individuals who want to get into this endeavor will need to comprehend a metal detector’s importance, and how it operates. Technology for metal detection has a wide range of purposes, and they can be used for either hobbies or security.

Detectors are typically found in security-tight locations like airports, offices, malls, and bigger buildings. These devices help to guarantee that no individual can carry a concealed weapon into a building, or any type of location that requires strict security.

Detectors are also employed by the army and are looking for dangerous weapons like bombs and mines that are planted on the ground. The safety of the public is always a grave concern.

Bigger sports affairs and concerts also require these due to the huge number of people expected to attend, and the safety of each attendee has to be cared for. Of course, metal detectors that are used for treasure hunting are not to be overlooked either.

An excellent metal detector must include features that are suitable for any treasure hunting that the individual plans to undertake. If it is meant for children’s use, the detector has to be lightweight and will not require any setting adjustments. These detectors are able to distinguish metals with 2 varying audio sounds emitted upon discovery.

The low sound is for low-quality metals while higher sounds are meant to signify silver coils and other kinds of metals with higher quality.

The more advanced metal detectors might include features that are more suitable for treasure hunting tasks. These are models that include LCD indicators for the particular depth of the target, and 4 levels of metal distinction. Several detectors even feature capacities to refuse metal items with a lower value.

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Treasure Hunting with Metal Detectors

As mentioned above, treasure hunting is an exciting project to undertake. There are available metal detector models that beginners can afford, and they can start looking for items in key places near their location. These places may include fields, forts, beaches, old churches, and battle locations.

Try to steer clear of popular sites that are frequented by most treasure hunters. Do your research online to secure maps of locations that you have selected.

You will, of course, need a metal detector for this job, a pick, shovel, a bag or bucket, and a mat or rug. Before going to your chosen locations, make sure that you have done some research on who owns the property where you want to hunt. If need be, secure permission from the landowner.

Make a normal form for the owner to sign in terms of dividing the loot. Do not ever intrude on locations that are posted with “Keep Out” and “No Trespassing” signs.

While finding the ownership can be a bit of a challenge, and it might require a trip to the office of the tax collector, conducting treasure hunts in a legal way means you will be kept out of trouble.

Buy a pick and shovel in the event that you have to dig up a possible treasure. Headphones are also ideal since they let users detect the smallest audible tones and jam out other types of sounds. A rug or mat is also needed since you may be required to kneel for some time while excavating.

Examine legal restrictions in the area, especially if you are searching in a park or forest. To find out more, you can check out the Federation of Metal Detector and Archeological Clubs for a list of updated rules concerning forests and parks.

Use the detector by running it over the ground. Let it hover from right to left and utilize slow movements. The device will release a sound if it determines a potential treasure. After digging, make sure to fill the holes up and keep them tidy.


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