Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

All-terrain metal detectors are perfect for hardy locations. Since treasure hunting can take up plenty of hours, one needs a model that he or she can rely on, something durable and packed with useful features to help prospectors in the search for excellent booty.

The Garrett AT Pro model is designed to pursue metals that are located up to 10 inches deep. It is capable of picking up only certain items by means of its target ID system, and it has high res-iron discrimination for a more enhanced exploration.

It is a model that is recommended for searching for relics, caches, coins, jewelry, and even bits of gold. But is it really worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector




  • Includes 8.5 x 11 1inch search coil
  • Can be used by children ages 12 and up
  • Operates with batteries
  • Features auto-ground balance
  • Features weatherproof properties
  • Includes headphones
  • Ideal for coin hunting, relic hunting, jewelry hunting, beach activities


The AT Pro model includes a pro mode audio which enables users the opportunity to perceive sounds of target finds when it is in the all-metal model. It has a high-resolution iron discrimination technology too, and it allows users admission to 40 levels which will assist them in distinguishing between refuse and potential finds.

That way, you will not have to waste plenty of time and effort digging for nothing.

It has a digital target ID that includes a scale ranging from 0-99. This will amplify the capability to distinguish iron and shift the mid-tone signal range. Its most essential feature though would have to be its capability to recover fast; users will be able to discern excellent targets from refuse.

It is meant for all-terrain usage and it can be plunged into waters that range up to 10-feet of depth, which makes the unit truly versatile and ideal for folks who want to cover both land and water prospects.

This is also the unit for enthusiasts who want to search for gold nuggets and jewelry. The detector is designed with a 15kHz frequency to improve the hunt for smaller targets.

For more enhanced performance, the unit features ground balance which can be modified manually in an instant. This will guarantee users that they will have a stress-free time exploring the area for potentials.

Its GTA, or Graphic Target Analyzer, is extra helpful for recognizing a target’s conductivity. This is a beneficial aspect that coin hunters will benefit from since its uninterrupted coin depth indicator is quite convenient when it comes to the depth of a coin.

It also features a battery life indicator so users won’t have to explore areas with a dying detector.

The unit has options like coins, zero, or custom, and these options can be in standard or professional mode. This enables users to adjust the device according to their target and improve the accuracy in identifying targets from plain trash.

Customers who are satisfied with their purchase shared that what they liked most about the unit was its fast recovery time because it allows for more searches. It was made for a variety of terrains and is waterproof to boot.

It can accommodate both experienced users and beginners, plus it includes efficient manual, and automatic ground balancing features. According to one user, it is the first detector from the company to feature a digital target ID scale.


Several customers did not like that the package did not include a pinpointer.


Now, if you want to search for jewelry, coins, relics, or even gold nuggets, this might be the device that you are looking for. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector has a variety of adjustments and settings that can improve your search for excellent finds.

It is built for a wider range of terrain and can be utilized for underwater purposes too, for a more extensive search. The features that the product has to offer will be convenient enough to enhance your discoveries.

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