Fisher F2 Metal Detector

Are you a beginner in the world of coin shooting and relic hunting? 

Are you confused with the selection of metal detectors being sold in the market today?

Then let this review give you an example of a model that has garnered some positive feedback from enthusiasts of the hobby.

The Fisher F2 model is a unit that will fit the needs of beginners; it is simple yet it has features that are advanced enough to steer the search for serious booty to the next level.

Let us get on with the review and see what makes this model a sure deal.

Fisher F2 Metal Detector with Coil Combo Kit




  • Includes 8-Part visual target ID
  • Includes 4-tone Audio ID
  • Features One-Touch pinpoint with numeric depth data
  • Features 8-inch concentric coil
  • Features ergonomic S-styled handle
  • Features coin depth indicator in motion search mode
  • Allows quick and sensitive target reaction
  • Features 2-digit numeric target value
  • Includes FPoint Pinpointer and 4-inch search coil
  • Weighs a light 2.6 pounds
  • Includes two 9-volt alkaline batteries
  • Feature 5-year warranty


The Fisher F2 model is something that beginners on the scene should check out. Well, even advanced users can seek out its functionalities as well. It is packed with features and provides excellent performance, coupled with user-friendly features.

It comes with a common 8-inch concentric, waterproof search coil and is recommended for exploring on land or water.

It has a comprehensive range of discretionary search coils for a variety of treasure hunting activities. It makes use of 7.8 kHz, provides a quick and accurate target comeback, and it features a frequency shift that gets rid of interference from electrical factors.

It is capable of searching for items that are up to 10 inches underground, and users can utilize its pinpointer to zoom in right towards the target. Its totally high-tech discrimination feature makes it a beneficial detector to use in locations with a high rate of junk metals.

It has a bigger control panel and has a comprehensible display with 7 sufficiently-sized buttons. It also features an 8-part visual target ID and 4-tone audio ID with a variable pitch for more range.

The model includes an external headphone set which enables longer battery life, letting users perceive deeper targets and block out noise from the outside. While the device was deemed as a beginner model, it comes with a set of powerful features that are typically found on high-end detectors.

It has an LCD meter that offers users readable data (lets users decide whether an item is worth digging up) and it also features data values that range from 0, which are for metals like iron, to 99, which include silver coins.

As soon as users have stumbled upon an object, they can use the pinpointer mode which will shift the screen to display an estimated depth of the target. The screen will display 8 ID graphics which are pull tabs, zinc, dime, foil, nickel, and iron.

The notch graphics, meanwhile, let users disregard particular targets keeping them focused on the kind of item they are searching for. It can also be equipped with a variety of coils for certain locations that the user wants to cover. The coils are safe to use in shallow water because they are waterproof.

Customers who were satisfied with their Fisher F2 purchase all agreed that the model was good for both experienced and starter enthusiasts.

It has a clear LCD display and 4-tone audio, for a more accurate ID of the target, an excellent pinpointing feature with depth data, a notch system that accepts or declines target categories, is super light and has a faster, more sensitive target response and recovery speed.


Some customers noticed that the device offered inconsistent readings when employed on the beach. Some may also find its super-sensitive attributes a bother.


Fisher F2 provides great performance for both beginners and experienced users, and can easily rival any high-end model with a price that cannot be beaten. Highly recommended for the serious hobbyist and the hobbyist who wants to perfect his or her craft.

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