Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

If you are a beginner, and do not want to mistakenly buy a metal detector that has a rather complicated set-up, then you might benefit from Bounty Hunter’s Land Ranger Pro model. This is a unit that includes features that anyone can make use of.

Just switch on the power, and you are ready to begin your day of searching for great finds in whatever locations you plan to take on.

You won’t have to deal with complex start-up procedures since it will begin its operation once the power is switched on.

This is supposedly one of the best units from the Bounty Hunter Pro lineup according to the company.

But will the rest of the metal detecting community agree?

Let’s find out.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector




  • Includes V-Break variable tone breakpoint
  • Features pinpoint mode with depth indication functions
  • Features adjustable iron audio
  • Includes menu system
  • Includes variable notching
  • Features Ground-Grab digital ground balancing


The Land Ranger Pro from Bounty Hunter features 7 preset modes and it lets users select from a variety of options from coins, artifacts, jewelry, 2 tones, 3 tones, 4 tones, down to all-metal.

These modes are one of the reasons why customers think it belongs to the category of trusted metal detectors.

It also features enhanced notch discrimination which will let users disregard any kind of refuse. It includes a Target Category Arc with a broader range of potential targets like foil, iron, and scrap metal.

By overlooking these items, the user will not get any signals whenever they are present, and this will save them time and effort since users will be focused on targets that they are really after.

The model includes advancements that make using the unit easier for operators whenever they are on the hunt for their potential loot. It has a target ID that provides users a precise idea of what the unit has perceived. The unit has an icon library which is sufficient enough to display a broad selection of targets.

The detector is then made capable of identifying items like coins, pull tabs, and coil bits. This data is then interpreted into a picture on the display screen of the device, allowing users to determine what sort of item the unit has detected prior to excavation.

People who have been satisfied with the device said that, even though the model was packed to the brim with advanced features, it was made to be user-friendly, so even beginners can get around with the device within minutes. The unit provides audio and visual cues that make handling the model easier as well.

Choosing models and notches are made simpler, and it also features battery life information so users can immediately load the unit with fresh batteries before it runs out of juice.

The device was also provided with a 1-10 sensitivity settings scale, with 10 being the most sensitive out of the numbers. Users can set their own preferred sensitivity levels subject to the kind of target they are after.

Beaches and locations with water are not a hindrance for this device, as well, since the device comes in 8-11 inch models with waterproof properties so it can be used underwater too.

Plenty of customers loved that it was lightweight and not cumbersome, unlike some highly-advanced models. Hunting can take long hours of one’s time, thus comfort is always a priority for most prospectors.


While there has been plenty of kind and positive cheers for the device, some might find the price of the item expensive due to the availability of high-tech features.


The Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector from Bounty Hunter is a significantly-functional detector that includes a wide range of useful features. It is light and pretty simple to use, and it has a 5-year warranty to boot. Lastly, this one is made in the U.S. so this is reason enough to buy the product, apart from its excellent features and attractive warranty. It will not disappoint you in your pursuit of hidden treasures.

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