Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector
  1. What is the best advice you would share with someone new to metal detecting?
  2. We asked our experts to reveal their first metal detector.
  3. We asked our experts to share with us a review of their metal detector
  4. Why do you Metal Detect?
  5. What are your Pet-Peeves in metal detecting?
  6. What is Your Ultimate Metal Detecting Permission?
  7. What methods do you use to clean your metal detecting finds?
  8. How has metal detecting helped you overcome challenges in your life?
  9. What program/settings do you use when you metal detect a new site/permission?
  10. If you could go anywhere in the world and could legally metal detect, where would you want to go? Also, what would be the top things you would like to find metal detecting when you get there?
  11.  What is the craziest, weirdest, bizarre, or funny thing that has happened to YOU while you were metal detecting?
  12. What coil spends the most time on your machine and why?
  13. What is your go-to metal detector and why do you use it?
  14. Tragedy, Treasure, and Triumph “The Jimmy Crossbones” Treasure

  15. Nokta Simplex Metal Detector: Unearthing the Pros and Cons


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