A Few Pieces of Treasure Hunting Advice You Need to Know

Treasure hunting is an exciting endeavor. Hobbyists and serious pursuers of this craft can all agree that nothing compares to the thrill of a good find.

However, in order to make those treasure hunting efforts smooth and stress-free, you have to remember some key steps when you start metal detecting.


The first thing you have to do is acquire permission to search for treasure, even if those places are public property like parks or beaches. If you plan on heading out to out-of-the-way places, you have to do some research first and find out who owns that particular area.

Do not even attempt to hunt on places that have “Warning: No Trespassers” signs. Trying to hunt in those places will only get you a reprimand and a fine once they catch you, or at worst, you can end up in jail.

Thus, it is important that you identify the owner of the land where you plan to hunt and if needed, get permission from the landowner.


All locations have their own histories and in order to acquire progress on your hunt, you have to get familiar with the history of each place where you plan to hunt.

The local historical organizations of towns will provide hunters assistance as to what locations developed first, and which sites or roads still survive to this day.

These groups will also provide individuals with local history books about the settlement and progress of the location, and plenty will provide a big, ancient building and other historical landmarks for you to start on.


Now, the metal detector is the most crucial part of this whole treasure hunting pursuit. Without this device, you are not capable of looking for that elusive booty.

Individuals who plan on looking for their loot in locations like the beach should carry two bags or Velcro pouches; one will be meant for good finds while the other will be employed for trash. Beach treasure hunting will also require the use of a sand scoop so you can easily dig as soon as the detector starts reacting

For other kinds of treasure hunting, you will be required to carry a sharp digging tool with serrated edges in order to dig items efficiently. Knives that are designed like a trowel are also beneficial since it will be simpler to dig throughout packed, rocky dirt, particularly if there is the presence of thick shrubbery and tree roots.

A longer metal probe will also prove to be beneficial for hunters since it is capable of narrowing down where the user should dig. Users can put it around the location where they acquired the beeping of the device. The long metal probe will be able to find out whether the potential item is buried shallow or deep.

Treasure hunting can take a while, especially if you are covering bigger areas. Which is why you have to pack a flashlight, extra batteries, and a charger with you.

Be certain that the charger has the proper connectors so you can utilize them during pressing situations. Prior to going out, be certain that the flashlight is also in great working condition.

Proper Use

To avoid losing depth, make sure that the detector is kept low and level to the earth. Take some time waving the device over the ground.

If you are looking for worthy finds, rather than trumping the record of whoever found an excellent booty in the fastest way possible, sweep the device slowly over the ground, with thorough care. Create a number of sweeps over the area to guarantee that you did not miss anything.


Wear comfortable clothes while doing the deed. Wear pants and shirts that have plenty of pockets. A good number of pockets will provide easy access for your tools and devices, and it will also let you store finds immediately so you can continue your exploring.

To protect yourself from sore knees and, at worse, injuries, you can also wear knee pads. Be prepared to have insect repellent with you, especially if you will be covering woodland or marshy areas. Do not forget to keep some drinking water with you at all times so you can better hydrate yourself every so often.

Make good friends out of people in the areas you are going to cover since they can help you in steering you to places that are under the radar, meaning they are not on local maps. With a bit of luck and experience, this hobby may become a profession if you pursue it with determination and sheer will.

Metal detecting, whether it is treasure hunting or relic hunting, is a fascinating profession or pursuit. Wherever the endeavor takes you, keep in mind that it is the excitement of the search which is the most important.

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